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What does TickerMenu do?
  TickerMenu displays a stock quote in your OS X menubar and updates the quote at the interval you select (as often as once every minute). Clicking on the menu displays more information about your stock, including the day's high, low and volume. Choose "More Information..." from TickerMenu and you will be taken to your choice of one of several popular financial websites for additional detail about the stock.
How do I select the stock to be displayed?
  TickerMenu allows you to maintain a list of stocks of interest to you. Simply add stock symbols to your tracking list and TickerMenu will keep their price information current.
Does TickerMenu provide real time stock data?
  As with many financial websites, the data provided by TickerMenu is delayed by 20 minutes.
What operating systems does TickerMenu support?
  TickerMenu supports Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger), 10.5 (Leopard) and 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
How much does TickerMenu cost?
  TickerMenu is free to try and can be purchased for $8.95 (US).
Is there a time limit to using the software for free?
  No, however, the message "Please Register" will appear briefly in the menu from time to time if you have not yet purchased and entered a registration number. To avoid these messages, purchase a registration number either through this website or through the application (see the "Register..." item) and then choose "Enter Registration Number..." from the application menu.
What else does registering get me?
  Software updates, technical support and our attention to your feature requests, to name a few things. Registering also makes it possible for us to devote additional resources to developing the software.

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